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Katie Pavilich- Gun in Mexico Cartel shoot out traced to ATF Phoenix Agent, Gillett and GunFree Zones are not safe

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Tucson, Arizona
Broadcasted Live:  Thursday, December 20, 2012
Approximate Time: 17 Minutes
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer:  Lenda Yu Brewer

Katie Pavlich, TownHall Editor
Author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shamless Cover-Up

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8,000 People a Day Becoming NRA Members


Obama's attitude:
Katie explains most gun owners have respect for guns.  Justice brings up what has been brought up in the Media:  Wal-mart announces they'll stop selling guns, Trendiness of Gun Control, and Political reactions.  She responds with specific key points during Obama's presidency, as well as, a recent news interview displaying Obama's testy reaction to an interviewer. This reaction makes him appear as if he doesn't care what Congress has to say.

The NRA needs to stand up
Katie has heard mixed reviews. Some saying part of the current gun control has worked.  She brings up how NRA members have been attacked with threats, who have nothing to do with the Connecticut Shooting. The NRA plans to make a statement Friday, December 21, 2012

Media isn't addressing Social Family Issues
Justice brings up the lack of discussion of Family issues in the Media; the emotional aspect.

Gunfree Schools are not Safe
Katie warns Gunfree Zones like Schools are not safe.  Gun free zones have not proven to be safe. They do not implement enough security.

New developments in Fast and Furious Investigation
A gun belonging to a former assistant special agent in the ATF was found in a Mexican crime scene. The gun was purchased in January 2010 in Phoenix Arizona by former Supervisor George Gillett.  A Beauty Queen was used as a human shield in a gun shoot out, killing five in Mexico. Gillette was found lying on an address form. Additional stories report he sold the gun on the Internet.

She mentions what many callers have voiced: the Administration's involvment with illegal gun sales in the Fast and Furious investigation lacks contradicts their credibility when they encourage more gun control limits.


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Tucson, AZ

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