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What Was Left Out, What the Left did at Gun Hearing- Katie Pavlich

Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

The Jon Justice show 104.1 Fm
Radio Show: 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
WB Channel 58/8
Television show: 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Tucson, AZ
Broadcasted Live: Thursday, January  31, 2012
Approximate Time:   20  minutes
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer: Lenda Yu Brewer
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Katie Pavlich, Conservative Commentator Townhall Editor, Author of Fast and Furious

Katie shares her insight on the gun hearing, Gifford attended and spoke

Katie and Jon Justice share the same disappointed feeling of using Gifford as a speaker to the gun control issue.  Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford was a shooting victim in Tucson. However, her speech and physical strength was damaged.  Both express their disgust of using Gifford in an exploitive way. They talk about the handwritten notes laid in front of her, that looked like it was written by a child.  Katie corrects him and says it was actually written by her therapist.

Justice points out how the GOP would have been cruelly criticized if they brought in a person who was mentally challenged, on psychopathic drugs, to come up and represent an agenda. 

Gayle Trotter, a Gun Activist for the Independent Women’s Forum, was heckled  and mocked by the anti- gun crowd numerous times. Katie explains that the entire crowd made fun of her, ruining a person’s credibility rather than staying objective to the issues.

Pavlich was appalled at the behavior of people there, rather than focusing on the real issues, they would go around belittling people. Calling people incompetent, even about those that were having difficulty turning a microphone on.

Pavlich exposes the media had edited out what was really there.

She explains how guests, who are parents, on Pierce Morgan’s show were being asked about the NRA, when the NRA has nothing to do with the shooting.

She points out how children and Gifford have been used as exploitation devices for the left agenda. At least the gun hearing shows examples that the gun control fought before, has no effect on gun crime. 

Justice encourages conservatives to keep in touch with the real world
“We need to stop ignoring the things we don’t’ like,” says Pavlich

Push for Immigration reform
Justice and Katie thinks it’s good we are getting ahead of Obama with it. It’s good to get out in front of it. It may be a redirect from Obama’s 23 gun control executive decisions.  Katies explains the enforcement isn’t going to get done due to the time frame.  She foresees it will drag out, at least until 2014.  Justice reminds us that immigration issues are different scenarios than when Reagan was president.

Justice said Jay Carney mentioned it was GOP’s fault for debt.
Katie mentions yet, they take credit for other things.


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