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Why Obama is Raising Minimum Wage, Wrongly Glorified Dorner, More- Katie Pavlich

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

The Jon Justice show 104.1 Fm
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Tucson, AZ
Broadcasted Live:  Thursday, February 14, 2013
Approximate Time:   19  minutes
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer: Lenda Yu Brewer
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Katie Pavlich, Fox news contributor, Townhall Editor
Justice starts the conversation sharing some responses from a person complaining of his show, who feels Jon doesn’t have a job worthy of a contribution to society.

Obama and State of the Union
Obama Bi-partisanship message? Justice shows how Obama’s State of the Union speech is veering to the left.  Katie says he has no interest of being Bi-Partisan even though Obama talks about how he encourages it.  She says Obama has actually complained about having a Congress.

Minimum Wage- Why Obama?
Justice asks Katie what she thinks is the real agenda to Obama initiating raising Minimal Wage. We had calls the previous hour proposing ideas such as:

Obama raising for more Taxes
Support Obamacare
Reimburse for the hourly cuts
Hurting the middle class
Unions base their wages on minimal wage

Katie comments on Obama’s thoughts of raising the minimum wage-Pandering to the Labor Unions.  She points out now he is demonizing the private sector and businesses, showing they don’t pay people enough.

How much will Obama be successful
USA today readers chose one word to describe the State of the Union: Screwed.
Pavlich is now saying Obama is talking about Preschool.  He is not following through on any of what he promised during this campaign.  Common Census on the democratic side is they do not have a spending problem.

Executive Orders
Pavlich says Obama actually hasn’t given an excessive amount of Executive Orders as people think.  But he is still in office for another term. Pavlich concludes he will use it plus his regulatory agencies to side with him. Justice points out how Obama has made Executive Order threats if Congress doesn’t push his agenda through.  Pavlich re-emphasizes Obama has been very public with saying he does not like working with Congress.

Marco Rubio

The way he presented himself on the way he posed for the camera and drank water.  Republicans are still criticized with any image.  Pavlich emphasizes people are now talking about his water bottle moment rather than the content of his message.  She thinks it was a disaster.  Justice thinks it was an awkward stare. 

Justice feels we are talking prematurely about potential candidates.

Christopher Dorner, Ex LAPD cop
Columbia Professor, Marc Lamont Hill, on CNN defended him.  He said it was alike a modern day Django Unchained.  Pavlich claims the Left always defends the villain rather than the victim.  They are defending him, saying he was standing up for the racist fight against the LA PD.  Dorner was a fan of talk show hosts: Anderson Cooper and Pierce Morgan.  Katie is disgusted people are discussing the no longer existent Racism in the LAPD, when now the incident has created so much bloodshed, justifying glorifying Dorner’s actions.


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