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Throughout the ages, coaches have had a special relationship with their charges.  Disciplines ranging from military to academic to athletic have all provided platforms for developing males to bond with their mentors.


Over the last four decades, there has been a slow but sure disconnect between young men, (18-24 year old males) and good coaching.  This phenomenon does not relate to specific areas of concern like athletics, academics or military.  However, in general, American males are no longer being guided by basic principles in which need to be coached each and every day.


These simple but important concepts include but are not limited to


  • Adherence to The Golden Rule
  • Self Respect/Self Discipline:  To Thine Own Self Be True
  • Love and respect for competition.


While there are many “counselors” on the radio and their products in the bookstores, no one has talked specifically to this very important group of young males.  The 18-24 year old group is the warrior class.  It is the bulk of the nation’s military, student population, and athletes.


Listeners will crane for wisdom via regular features, guests and callers.  They’ll have an opportunity to hear from a “life” coach who frames common sense in plain language.


Who Wants to Know About Teens/Twenties Males?


Obviously, 18-24 year old males are interested in issues that affect them.  However, given the dynamic nature of the group, others are very interested in their development.  Included are


  • Mothers of 18-24 year old males
  • Mothers of young men who will be 18-24 years of age
  • Mothers of young men who have been 18-24 years of age
  • Women who date males 18-24 years of age
  • Fathers of 18-24 year old males
  • Fathers whose sons will some day be 18-24 years of age
  • People who employ 18-24 year old males.





They need a coach.


Dave Sitton has coached males 18-24 years of age since he was an 18-24 year old male!  That is, in fact, true.  Sitton became head rugby Coach at the University of Arizona at the age of 22, and he has never stopped.  His Wildcats have competed around the globe, regularly playing matches from Edinburgh, Scotland to Christ Church, New Zealand.   He usually travels with 30-50 young adults.  In all, he has Coached and mentored over 1100 student athletes at the University of Arizona.


In addition, he has been in business, working for the Anheuser-Busch family as well as Clear Channel Communications.  Additionally, he has hosted political talk radio shows and continues to telecast play-by-play commentary for intercollegiate sports on FOX Sports Net.


He has studied under some of the greatest coaches in the United States.  He has built relationships with Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Kindall, Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson, Hall of Fame member Bart Starr, and others.


He is completing a book on the subject titled “You Can Act Like a Man” which covers a range of simple but dynamic concepts for 18-24 year old males.


He is also tempered by an important female corps—his wife Spencer and two daughters, Olivia and Elizabeth.


His unique coaching, business and broadcasting backgrounds provide him the fundamental skills necessary to Coach the nation’s 18-24 year old population.


Co-Host Sean Mooney


Sean Mooney and Dave Sitton have had a very special relationship since the two met when Mooney was 14 and Sitton 18.  Sitton performed as a mentor for Sean all the way through his collegiate career which included a very successful four years playing rugby for the University of Arizona in the United States and abroad.


After college, Mooney worked his way from a Tucson park to major league baseball via Johnny Bench’s “The Baseball Bunch.”  Soon after his New York arrival at the tender age of 22, he was producing “This Week in Baseball” with legendary Mel Allen.


He was drafted by Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation where he appeared for five years.  Then opportunity knocked.  He became a news anchor for WWOR-TV in the greater New York City area, eventually moving to Boston where he was the lead anchor for the CBS affiliate 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. news.


Mooney grew weary of much of the details of big-time news operations.  He saw the hypocrisy.  Mooney resigned and returned to Tucson where he is an independent producer for FOX Sports Net, still maintains on-air presence, and is the father of three children.


Co- Host Glenn Howell


Glenn Howell is a premier strength and condition coach in southern Arizona.  He and Sitton met when Glenn was a student athlete and Sitton an athletic department executive at the University of Arizona.


Glenn played tight end for Arizona before signing a free agent contract with the Los Angeles Raiders.  After a stint in the telecommunications field, he returned to his passion- instructing young athletes to perform their best- in their chosen athletic field as well as in life.


Glenn encourages “planning for success” and speaks to common sense and achievable goals relating to weight and fitness.


Glenn is the strength and conditioning coach for Pima College Football and the University of Arizona Rugby team.   He and wife Lucy have two children,


Program Launch


The program was launched in December, 2007.  After 56 episodes, the program was moved and relaunched on Tucson’s News Talk FM, 104.1 THE TRUTH.


The show is streamed live each week at


The show has already won great acclaim.  The show is streamed on the internet so interested parties outside Tucson can dial in.  Also, the show will soon be podcast so that Daily Male listeners and those who should be sampling the show can do so at [email protected].  Soon, the program will have a web site. 


Sunday is one day on which the greatest number of interested parties can participate in the program.  It is also one day of the week where young men can be taken from their television sets.  (Watching less television is one of Sitton’s constant tenets for success.)  There is hope the show will syndicate throughout the nation.  As the audience grows, consideration for additional programming or an additional Monday through Friday approach will be considered.






Some Local Guests



Mike Hannley, Bank of Tucson


Antoine Case, San Diego Chargers


General Robert Johnston, USMC Retired


Colonel Kent Laughbaum, USAF


Dr. Richard Carmona, US Surgeon General (RET)


Sheriff Clarence Dupnik


Jay Dobyns, noted DEA Agent who infiltrated the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang


Arte Moreno, Owner Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Jim Click, Jim Click Automotive Group


Col Greg Gadson, United States Army


John Malovich, Tucson Police Department   SWAT


Chris Clements, Golden Eagle Distributors


Robert Elliott, GTE Academic Hall of Fame, fomer NBA player


Chip Hale, Arizona Diamondbacks


Steve Emerine, Tucson Journalist


Jeff Scurran, High School Football Coach


Jerry Kindall, College Hall of Fame Baseball Coach


Captain Johnny Luevano, USMC


Jim Dyer, Tucson Attorney


Charles Heller, Radio Talk Show Host