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I thought for todays blog I would share with you the start of what I am sure will become a powerful driving force for change here in Tucson. Taking a cue from the Occupy Wall Street Protests, behold.... "Occupy Tucson".

(Or it might just end up being a handful of protestors with signs on a street corner confusing people as they pass by due to their lack of a clear message because even they themselves don't know exactly what they are protesting. But hey who can blame them, because it's fun and cool to protest right?)

This was taken from the comments of the first video. We are the 99% it's about time we showed 'them' how much power we have.

So if by "power" they mean they have the ability to stand around and look bored then I would say they are right on track. Judging by this awesome video below Tucson better take notice! I mean whoever made the video surely knows what they are doing given the fact that it's got a rocking song in the beginning that drowns any of the inspiring words that I am sure are being spoken. Even after the music is over one must listen close to even make out anything being said. But you see that's where the power of "Occupy Tucson" comes into play. They don't need words to enact change. Witness the people standing around taking up space. Yes! You can see they are indeed "Occupying" an area and while they stand there, no one else can! Are you inspired yet? And here we have some random guy in sunglasses wearing a Family Guy Mock Star Wars T-shirt talking about Websites and corruption ...and stuff...are you inspired now?

Next we have another video showing the magnitude of the tens of people who showed up to "Occupy" a handful of square feet in the park. This video is especially powerful given the 360 degree walk around the crowd. Gripping stuff...if you are not inspired now either your soul must be dead or you must be a part of industrial militarized complex Lastly, witness the oppression of local police against "Occupy Tucson". In this spellbinding video you can see the officers standing yards away in a huddled group waiting to pounce on the crowd of tens. It's a horrific display of potential police brutality as about the mid point of this video one of the officers raises his finger and points! What's even more disturbing are the little children walking around, seemingly unaware of militarized men in blue standing within baton throwing distance of them. However, with such a clearly powerful movement coming together in the creation of "Occupy Tucson", one cannot be surprised that local authorities would put in place such a menacing display of power.

Occupy Tucson is coming and no one really cares. Well except for the people in the video, unless they have already found something better to do Oct 15th, like laundry.






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