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James T. Harris

Connect The Dots… La… lala… la!

Who is Pia Carusone?

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Prior to joining the staff of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, whom she served until her resignation, Pia Carusone was an operative for the New Hampshire Democratic Party and Press Secretary for Congressman John Sarbanes. After the retirement of Gabby Giffords, Caruzone joined Janet Napolitano at the DHS, serving as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.

‘Joined Janet Napolitano at the DHS.’

Over the years, Pia has staged political events to elicit the most emotional bang for a candidate’s campaign buck.

Holy BLUE PILL Media narriative!

In 2010, when Gabby Giffords was facing reelection, it was determined that the people of Southern Arizona, who had already grown weary of daily stories of kidnappings by drug cartels in Maricopa County, had finally lost their patience with weak politicians after the death of border-area rancher Rob Krentz.

 In 2010, Pia called upon a commander with an Arizona law enforcement agency and asked for a photo op. Not one with a smiling Gabby standing proudly with cops, but one with Gabby proudly holding an AR-15. Voters were sold a tough congresswoman for tough times.

Almost immediately after the tragic Tucson shooting of Giffords and the deaths of eight others, Pia Carzone was considered the natural choice to fill Gabby’s seat.  Rumors swirled that the voice of so many liberals was now going to become the face of their continuing control.
Pia was not a sympathetic character and Ron Barber was. Enter Ron (Crispy Chicken) Barber, the new sympathetic face of face of democratic domination. (We call Ron Barber "Chrispy Chicken" because he looks like Colonel Sanders… Just saying.)

Pia found a new home at Homeland Security.

Creating photo ops for the gun and bullet grabbing Napolitano was right up Pia’s alley. Stories and pictures of the efforts of Homeland Security to wrestle guns away from the very people the DOJ had armed was an easy task, which elicited the emotional bang for the fed’s buck.

Nothing though could ever be as effective at convincing the public to turn over their guns and forfeit their Second Amendment rights as the sympathetic faces of Gabby Giffords and her tortured and selfless husband, all American hero, Mark Kelly.

Pia was right on top of the photo op. Pia Carusone is currently a spokeswoman for Mark Kelly and escorted him to his last gun buy… According to the Arizona Daily Star. Because everyone brings their spokesperson with the when they buy an AR-15! Right?

And there it is! Dots connected. Pia Carusone is a Blue Pill Architect constructing The Matrix of media manipulation.  Special Thanks to The Arizona Daily Independent. RED PILL!



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