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James T. Harris

Man up Mark

When will Mark Kelly protect and defend Gabby?

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On Thursday, in response to the revelations of the recent gun purchases by newfound gun foe, Mark Kelly, husband of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the Giffords camp released a Facebook message defending her husband.  The message, clearly not authored by Giffords, was offered as a message from Giffords.


Things that make you go hmmmm…


It wasn’t until his gun purchases were exposed that Kelly offered an explanation on March 8 on his Facebook page claiming that he wanted to show people how easy it was to buy a gun. 


I’m not buying it!


His last post before the March 8 rationalization was on March 6 when Kelly posted, “My wife defines courage.”


Which is exactly why Kelly has come under such attack… his wife does define courage and he defines cowardice.


Kelly declined to comment to Breitbart News preferring instead to send out the flaks (those Blue Pill Architects of media manipulation), who then turned around and posed as Gabby Giffords on her Facebook page.


Friends, Kelly did not offer a defense to critics who questioned his lack of judgment or decency by parading his wife around; instead he had his message masters pen a missive, in her name, in defense of his failed stunt! Once again Mark Kelly is hiding behind the tragic figure HE IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND DEFEND. He is allowing the puppet masters to exploit his wife to advance their cause!


In his defense, no one really believes that Mark Kelly was the mastermind behind this Matrix of mis-information. Everyone knows he simply offered up his wife on the altar of politics, to political predators with an agenda to further their and his own political aspirations.


Yeah, I said it.


You can train an astronaut to figure out the trajectory of a moon shot or the time it takes to gather enough speed to burst through the earth’s atmosphere, you know… astronaut stuff. However, it takes a master media manipulator to figure out how to stop the downward trajectory of a political future and a tainted gun control campaign.


“Paging Pia Carusone! Paging Pia Carusone! Will Pia Carusone please exit the Matrix?”


I would like to invite Mr. Kelly to leave his wife out of this and fight the battle of gun control the old fashioned way, on the solid footing of sound arguments and with his own convictions, not the hollow words penned by operatives with pictures intended to manipulate. 


Fat chance! 


However, he should know that the many of us have seen through ‘the dance of the Blue Pills’ and pray that his message masters not use his wife again. We are not that stupid and we pray that Kelly is not that callous. In other words…


Mark… Man the hell up!

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