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James T. Harris

Target Practice

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The picture of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in a recent premiere of an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash makes three things very clear. She is an amazing example of all that is good about America, she does understand what people are saying, and she cannot communicate that understanding in any fluid way.




Giffords’ positive spirit, optimism about the future, and dogged determination to become “stronger, better, tougher” and to “move ahead” exemplify her character and the very thing that is unique about America’s character… Our exceptionalism. 

However, her appearance on CNN was pure blue pill in all of its glory.


Here’s the clip.


There is another picture my friends…. This one is a red pill picture of a Gabby Giffords. She was recently spotted in a local Target store with her brace on, embracing two wounded warriors who like her, know the trauma of trauma. In that picture, the extent of her wounds are on full display. The physical wounds…

From left to right Eric Castillo, Gabby Giffords, Alexis Jacquez: Credit Arizona Daily Independent.


And then there is the CNN story that paints another picture altogether. That picture shows Mark Kelly stupidly putting on a target shooting practice stunt for the cameras. In that picture we see the invisible wounds. Gabby jumps when her thoughtless husband shoots the same gun he says shot her.


Here’s the story and link.


Mark Kelly is quickly becoming a pariah to many who know and love Gabby Giffords. The question is, how long will the left continue to exploit this poor woman to advance their failed narrative? 

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