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America’s Morning News

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Monday – Friday
4:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Hosted by John McAslin and co-anchor Dana Mills

TRNE’s America’s Morning News makes, breaks, and drives the news cycle, featuring live interviews on breaking news as it happens!

America’s Morning News has become the "go to" place for many important current and past government representatives and newsmakers who have used their interviews on the show to break news, including several national-level politicians who have chosen America’s Morning News to announce their candidacy.

America’s Morning News also features breaking international news stories as they develop with interviews from sources close to the stories.

America’s Morning News breaks stories that matter to the American public, the hosts are passionate about holding the powerful to account and are committed to unearthing the stories that matter most to Americans.

About John

John McCaslin was news director and anchor for Clear Channel powerhouse KOFI-AM, and later for Bee Broadcasting, Inc., where he co-hosted the top-rated morning-drive radio show for KJJR-AM and KBBZ-FM. A longtime syndicated columnist and best-selling author, he has appeared on virtually every major television and radio network – from MSNBC’s "Hardball" with Chris Matthews to National Public Radio’s "Weekend Edition Sunday," even VH1 – offering insights on the nation’s capital and its ever-changing cast of political characters. He’s been a regular substitute host for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network, Sam Donaldson on ABC Radio, Mary Matalin on CBS Radio, and Michael Reagan and Oliver North with Radio America. He has also anchored a weekly news segment on ABC-7 News in Washington, D.C.

About Dana

Co-anchor of America’s Morning News has extensive news anchoring and radio broadcasting experience. Her first experience as news anchor was in 1984, in Denver, CO where she anchored for one of the top rated stations in market and received the honor of Best Radio News Team in America, from The Radio Television News Directors Association. Mills then moved to Detroit where she anchored on the #1 radio station in Detroit, the sixth largest metro market in the U.S. providing anchored afternoon newscasts. After some time a special news show was created, just for Mills, similar to America’s Morning News format, airing during the afternoon drive time. Mills new program helped the station by providing ratings gains, ranking it as the #1 show in Detroit, at the time. Mills then moved on to Detroit’s CBS affiliate, teaming with Dick Purtan, a well-known morning personality, to become part of an ensemble, morning drive radio program where she remained up until 2008. Dana Mills is a graduate of Kent State University, where she majored in Journalism.

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