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James T. Harris

“Quit Spending Money On White Men!”

White Guilt in the age of Obama

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The Arizona Republican Party tweeted…  “Time flies but these minutes just vanished: @azdemparty deletes meeting records as @AZGOP queries nomination process.”

Apparently, the Democratic Party of Arizona has scrubbed all traces of its own meeting minutes from its website.  Several years’ worth of agendas, minutes and event reports have vanished from the website!


POP GOES THE WEASEL! Just like that, the hate, hate, hate, hateful anti-white, anti-male vitriol spewed by Arizona DNC Committeewoman Carolyn Warner that the Democrats should “quit spending money on white men” disappears into the ether and the Matrix is once again at equilibrium (Or should I say that there’s balance in the force?)

According to the Arizona GOP Chairman, "Not only do these deleted files show the Democratic Party in Arizona in heavy debt for at least the past six months, they’re evidence of the great trouble they have raising funds. What’s even more troubling is that the files also show how they’re hand-picking their candidates, leaving voters entirely out of the process.  And to top it all off they’re in total denial, trying to delete the truth about the way their party really operates."

The way they really operate… Come now… isn’t that really the way both parties operate? The Republicans are in an uncivil war with their own members and they are calling out the Democrats? Holy dance of the Blue Pills, Batman! It is nice to see… actually, nice to know they can stop taking pot shots at the Tea Party, Christians, and liberty-minded people long enough to take a shot at the Dems… However, let’s keep it real, both da Donkeys and the RINOs operate the same way with few exceptions… just saying.

First of all… First. Of. All. Democrats use race to divide the country and win the game. Race baiting is their number one weapon in the battle for Americans’ souls and with the help of the media they are carrying the day.

That’s because the Republican establishment won’t touch black with a 10 foot pole! They are in fear of a black conservative and don’t respect people of all color. The establishment is also allergic to poverty and people who work for a living. Don’t get me wrong, haters, Establishment Republicans are not the bigots that the Democrats are… They just shun everyone who doesn’t belong to Club RINO!

BUT … I digress…..

This is about the Matrix. The fact that the mainstream media doesn’t report on the racist anti-male comments made by a Democrat! And they won’t report on the fact that Camp Lefty is now engaged in a cover-up! I mean if RINO’s deleted records the Daily Star would treat them like the Tea Party! In the good ole Nixon days, when self-righteous Baby Boomers were interns in the halls of power, it was the cover-up that killed you! Not so much in the age of Obama. Look at how white guilt has crippled the political parties and hobbled a nation.

Hey Democrats, remember that tree that fell in the forest? The one that no one is supposed to hear if no one is there?

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