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James T. Harris

“This is crap!”

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I warned Senator Jeff Flake’s office that if I granted him an interview that there would be some Kung Fu fighting! No cheap shots… no disrespect… But serious questioning. I told Flake’s people that The Conservative Circus would be hostile territory… His folks said okay, that the Senator welcomed tough questions.
Looks like the questions were the easy part. It’s the answers that have created the problem.
Looks like Sen. Flake’s answers to one of my questions left a mark and over the last five days that mark has turned into a bruise, and that bruise has resonated and resonated and resonated across the country and this bruise can’t be covered up with his pretty boy spin Cover Girl makeup!
Cheap shot! I know, my bad.
I asked Senator Flake a simple question and he answered simply. Honestly. “The A-10 has been marked for elimination….” Yes, he said that!
“Get the transcript Candy! Check the transcript!”
Senator Jeff Flake also said that the F-35 would provide an alternative to the A-10. (Another cat out of the bag!) To which I responded, THIS IS CRAP! The F-35 is crap! Friends, Sen Flake can’t sell that dog to me or my listeners as something else, especially since Davis Monthan lost the F-35 crap spectacular to Luke AFB! Which means regardless of the time line, a loss of the Warthog is a tremendous blow to the A-10 community and to Tucson.
Now I’m hearing rumblings that after his ass kicking the Senator is going to “push back” on… wait for it, wait for it, wait for it… The Arizona Daily Independent for reporting the story???
Isn’t that like going after the messenger? What about the man? Why would Senator Flake, Republican AZ, overlook The Beautiful Man?
Wait for it… Wait for it…
You know the answer don’t you? It’s just too politically correct to say, which is why I will borrow from Gerry Doyle when I say, Team Flake is attacking the messenger because they are too Right, too White and too Uptight. The Beautiful Man is safe because I was hosting a radio show while black… And Republicans live in fear of A Black Republican.
“Watch the movie Candy! Watch the movie!”
Is Team Flake living in Fear of a Black Republican? Correction: A reformed conservative republican? If so, no worries. I no longer speak for the empire… We stand apart.
So bring it!
Party affiliation and ethnicity aside, I just asked a question and he just answered it and it caused him troubles… Now there are bigger challenges ahead like saving the A-10 and in doing so our city.

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