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James T. Harris

Liberal Logic 101:

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In this current round of government shut downs, has anyone noticed that the loudest most effective voice in the “de-fund Obamacare” movement is Hispanic, while the vapid, most shrill voice of the partisan ever-increasingly unpopular Affordable Care Act, is African American?

Things that make you go… Hmmm.

Obama’s health insurance exchanges are a debacle. The administration had three and a half years to prepare for the roll out and they failed. Empty drop down menus aren’t caused by heavy traffic. Team Obama’s site wasn’t ready for prime time because it was simply coded poorly, with innumerable coding errors, and no one seems to be clear on the law… Confusion abounds.
This should be quite the embarrassment for liberals and HHS, and would be except… HHS is run by… a woman.

Gasp! Never mind…

A judge has slapped down Eric Holder’s request for the “Fast and Furious” lawsuit to be dismissed.  That’s the black guy who authorized a gun running scheme that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Mexicans, but the White House didn’t scramble until a white guy was killed. Remember?

Uh ohhhhhh… We done did it now! Never mind….

Benghazi? The Secretary of State at the time was a woman and the person who gave the stand down order that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and three Americans… a woman. Who was it that told the UN that the “uprising” was due to a YouTube video? Again… a woman.

Let’s move on…

Who headed up the IRS scandal? A woman. But she was defending the country against those people… you know who I am talking about…

The immoral authority behind John Robert’s Supreme Court decision, making Obamacare the law of the land? Three women, two of whom were appointed by the black guy, one who did not recuse herself even though she acted as counsel on parts of Obama’s health care law (Elena Kagan)…

And I could go on… but I shouldn’t, so never mind.

You may be asking yourself, what is the point of this racist, sexist rant? There is no point! I’m thinking like a liberal, remember? And being a liberal is never having to say “I’m sorry” because liberals are never held responsible for their actions. Being Liberal allows you to cloak your ineptness in the teflon of political correctness and more importantly… rationalize your hate and narrow mindedness.

The result of this nationalized, Left-approved, Affirmative Action roll out? Political gridlock, a wrecked economy, frightened allies, emboldened enemies and dead Americans.

Oh well. Never mind.

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