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James T. Harris

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  • Edufund your Daughter or Son!

    How do use the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit

  • Time To Push The Panic Button?

    A-10 & DM EC-130 Defunded!

  • Make A Call To Save The A-10!

    Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

  • Pulling together to save the A-10’s at DMAFB!

    Congressional members are putting party politics aside. Ayotte, Pryor, Chambliss, McCaskill, Barber, Kingston and others pull together to pen A-10 Letter to Secretary Hagel and General Dempsey.

  • Education Alternatives with Jay Cline

    Educate yourself on your options in the great state of Arizona.

  • The Beautiful Man doesn’t look like H.T.’s kids …

    H.T. said on "State Of Education" 9-14-13: "… I go back to, it has to be the will of the citizens of this state to vote in people who value public education and that is something that I really called into question coming in as an outsider – How much do we value education. You know I do believe the contemporary challenge we have in the southwest in particular is how do you convince people who have disposable income to educate children who don’t look like their children. And that is especially true where we are in Arizona. The population that has the disposable wealth, those that have good jobs and good retirement and have a good income — it is — it is asking them to educate kids who don’t look like their kids or don’t look like their grand kids." Given that your invitation to H.T Sanchez to appear on your show (the only local political show hosted by a black man) was rejected when he was willing to appear on other radio host’s shows, you could make a claim as ridiculous as the claim he made about the tax payers. How do you convince H.T. Sanchez who has disposable time to be willing to give interviews to educate your audience when the Host (The Beautiful Man) doesn’t look like H.T. Sanchez’s children? Of course I am only pointing out absurdity with absurdity, I’ll leave the real race baiting to H.T. Sanchez and his fellow followers of "Critical Race Theory." Noah A. Sundberg Uhhhh… BRILLIANT!

  • Using Burning Cross to Spell… DEMOCRAT

    Alan Grayson must have attended Gov. run schools.

    MfT (Mark from Tulsa, The resident artist of the James T. Harris Show) is calling out Rep. Grayson! Grayson’s latest campaign literature attempts to re-write history by linking a burning cross to the Tea Party… Wrong! WRONG! Here ya go Democrats!

  • Fifth Anniversary of The McCain Moment

    “I’m that guy from that thing!”

  • Liberal Logic 101:

    In this current round of government shut downs, has anyone noticed that the loudest most effective voice in the “de-fund Obamacare” movement is Hispanic, while the vapid, most shrill voice of the partisan ever-increasingly unpopular Affordable Care Act, is African American?

  • What Right Do They Have?

    Harry Reid’s latest gaff provides a teachable moment.

    "What right do they have to pick and choose what part of government is going to be funded?” – Harry Reid

  • The TUSD Highway to Celebrity

    I just heard a no nonsense educator on a national show – who’s more interested in teaching kids than indoctrinating them – and was chased out of Tucson.

  • You Are Only As Good As Your Information!

  • Response to poverty: invest in the building blocks of a better economy…. A response

    Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva penned a response to a series on poverty in the Arizona Daily Star. He said it “struck a chord with me,” and that he wanted to share what he thinks “the federal government is doing right and wrong to address the issue.”

  • “This is crap!”

    Team Flake is attacking the Arizona Daily Independent because they are too Right, too White and too Uptight. The Beautiful Man is safe because I was hosting a radio show while black…

  • Liberal Clown Posses

    In 2010 I wore a mask of Obama… Yeah! It wasn’t just an ordinary Obama mask, It was the blood sucking Obamacare version, not the nice version worn by a rodeo clown.

  • Stay Desperate Democrats…

    Liberals (and the media that serves them) need folks to stay desperate! As long as their little brown brother’s and sisters need food stamps, Obama phones, disability, welfare, bail outs, loans, etc. they will forever need to stay on the plantation. In other words they will forever NEED Democrats.

  • “Quit Spending Money On White Men!”

    White Guilt in the age of Obama

    Just like that, the hate, hate, hate, hateful anti-white, anti-male vitriol spewed by Arizona DNC Committeewoman Carolyn Warner disappears into the ether…

  • Lord of South Tucson

    For years, Pima Community College has been the beneficiary of the infamous Eckstrom nepotism. Daniel W. Eckstrom (Lord Dan), who used to a member of the South Tucson City Council in 1971, retired from his seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors in 2003.


    So Ethan Orr wants us to believe that he didn’t have a choice but to vote for the Governor’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion. He wants us to know that he did it because… well, because… he cares about the budget and he is fiscally responsible.

  • Cups of Sorrow

    Here is the real crime…kids like Trayvon are not exceptional, but they are extraordinary.

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