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Jon Justice, Weekdays 6am-10am

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Born and raised in Southern California I attended private Christian Schools from 5th grade through High School. I worked at age 18 as a record store manager. Right around when I turned 21 I left retail to go work as a public real estate auctioneer and property inspector in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. One day, just after being chased off the lawn of a house going into foreclosure by a very large toothed dog who obviously had not been fed for awhile, I heard a commercial for the Academy of Radio Broadcasting. The rest is, as they say … history.

Did you know?

On August 13th 2007 I started as host of my show “The Jon Justice Show” on 104.1 The Truth Tucson’s News FM.

After graduating from the ARB I started as an intern and weekend air talent for Riverside San Bernardino station KCXX in late ’95. I then left in ’98 joining John Michael at Tucson AZ Alternative Rock KFMA. While at KFMA the Jon and John Show went #1 with our core audience. With this new found fame I was able to convince a promotions intern that I was the coolest guy on the planet and made her my wife. Yes I married an intern and even after she figured out I wasn’t that cool Melinda still stayed with me.

In 2000 I returned to KCXX to team up with my still good friend Dick for the Dick and Justice Show. After reaching new highs and lows with bits like "Homeless Survivor" and "Dog in a Hot Car", Dick And Justice went #1 and posted the highest morning show ratings on KCXX. During this time my wife gave birth to our first son Logan Wedge.

In 2003 Dick and I accepted a job as afternoon show for Atlanta’s WKLS 96Rock. While achieving some moderate success and hosting a night show on the now defunct FM Talk Real Radio 105.3 we fell victim to a station-wide decline in performance due an on air incident that got the successful morning show fired for airing inappropriate content. Dick and I exited WKLS late in 2004, after which Dick left the radio industry to join CNN.

In December 2005 I joined Grand Rapids MI Active Rock WKLQ as host of the Justice and Jim show. Once again reaching the masses with new lows like the now famous "Dog Drowning Hoax" in which I tried to bring to light the dangers of children drowning in local pools and lakes. Needless to say management mistakenly silenced me after the bit reached critical mass being covered not only on all local news outlets but major cable networks as well. A bit which was done to help educate and a make statement about how people need to pay more attention to child dangers, ended up making me look like an animal hating shock jock. (Of which I am niether, despite what some now think of me locally). After surviving the "Dog Hoax" in late 2005 (I was not fired for that bit, again despite what has been said in online circles) I found myself hosting the show solo as "Justice in the Morning". . That was until my agent made a deal with the company I worked for to put a syndicated show on several of its stations-including mine…..yes, my agent at the time essentially put me out of work. While I hated to lose my job, I was glad to leave WKLQ.

After serving a brief non-compete I was asked to join the #1 station in the market Newsradio WOOD as APD and fill in talk show host. I was given the job of fill in hosting on the stations two #1 live local shows The Grand Rapids Morning News and Rick and Scott (Both shows I have the utmost respect for). Also I was honored to be working on air the week of President Gerald R. Ford’s passing, providing Grand Rapids the only live local call in show for 6 hours. During this time Melinda and I welcomed the birth of our second son Kyle Elliott on December 12 2006.

Just after the first of 2007 NEWSRADIO WOOD 1300 launched The Show with Justice Saturday afternoons.

It is now with great pleasure that I can be back in Tucson Arizona.

My passion has always been talk radio and I am pleased to finally be able to make this my career.

I was raised in a Reformed Presbyterian Christian household. I am happy to carry these beliefs with me still today and to be able pass them along to my wife and children Logan Wedge and Kyle Elliott.

I believe:

  • I am not better than you the listener, just lucky enough to have a microphone and you don’t
  • Republicans get it right most of the time
  • Democrats get it wrong most of the time
  • If you are a liberal that’s alright, everyone can change
  • We need more God and less government
  • We need more honesty and less political correctness
  • The Ten Commandments and the Constitution are not mere "suggestions"
  • There is reason why the "War on Terror" is called a WAR
  • Freedom and democracy don’t happen without a fight and they don’t happen over night
  • If you think you know how war will play out, you’re very confused.
  • If you’re upset about soldiers that die during war, how mad are you about the homeless guy downtown that starved to death last night, the roll over crash that killed 3, or the winter storm that leveled a home and killed a family.
  • Death happens and our soldiers are fighting for your right to live free.
  • We will win the war in Iraq and the war on Terror, but not without the FIGHT
  • The media reports what they think you want to hear and unfortunately most of us are too stupid to care.
  • The most important things in my life are God, my wife and children, my family and my Job
  • My father is my mentor and best friend next to my wife and sons
  • The most enjoyment I get from TV comes in the form of NASCAR racing, Star Wars movies on DVD, and 24 the TV Series
  • If I want to laugh then Spinal Tap, Monty Python and Judd Apatow movies will fill the need.
  • Depeche Mode is the most underrated band ever.
  • Dale Jr drives better than you…go #88, go JR!
  • Pizza is greatest meal on the planet.
  • If I need a drink an Orange AMP energy drink will do. If I need something with a little more kick, Captain Morgan and Diet Pepsi will do the trick.

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