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James T. Harris

Common Sense Is Best Served Cold… Like Sushi

The Arizona Tax Credit

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If you could send your child to private school for free, would you? 

I asked a friend that question over a bowl of Sushi and when it took him too long to answer, I lifted my eyes from the succulent salmon and tuna on rice to see his face twisted in thought. His answer surprised me…

“No. I don’t think so.” 


 “Because I don’t know how comfortable he would be around rich kids.”


Holy loaded answer, Batman! Thank God Sushi is served cold because once I got started I couldn’t stop! My questions ran the gamut: You would rather be comfortable among the poor? Why wouldn’t you want to surround your kid with “rich” kids? Are you allergic to success? Do you want your kids to be poor? Is your kid’s school better than the private schools you know of? If you think private schools are better, why do you settle for public? What took you so long to answer the damn question? Wasn’t it a no-brainer? What’s rich? Why do you think private school is just for rich kids? Are you poor? Do you like being poor?

What if I told you that public schools cost more than private schools? For many, perception is reality and in the present age of Obama, class warfare is in full bloom. HOWEVER, once my friend gave my questions some thought he changed his mind.

“You know…” he said, “I take it back.” I would send my kid to private school… If it was free.”

Well, guess what? You can!

Arizona is one of three states in the country where you, the parent of children in Arizona, can benefit from a tuition tax credit to fund private school education; and you, the taxpayer, can help fund the children of Arizona’s private education through a tax credit.

The cost of education per student is considerably less in private schools than it is in public schools, and the quality of education is superior, especially in urban areas. This is why the state of Arizona is supportive of this tax credit. It costs the state less per student to fund private education than public! And because it is a TAX CREDIT, your state tax liability (up to $2006 for joint filers) once directed to a private school or student attending a private school, returns to you in the form of a refund.

 Ta daaaaa!

So, let me ask the question again…

If you could send your child to private school “for free,” would you? 

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