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James T. Harris

And The Image Award Goes To…

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I’ve always been fascinated with the story of Harriet Tubman…self-emancipated slave, conductor for the Underground Railroad, Union spy, army scout, nurse… woman.

You would think she was everything a black Democrat would love! Self-made, charitable, strong… I mean, not only did Tubman “give back” to her community, she rescued her own people (plus 200 others) from slavery, and was the only woman in American military history to plan and execute an armed expedition against enemy forces, i.e. the Confederate States Army.

You would think that this type of true American heroism is a life worthy of a Hollywood movie. A black woman, who frees herself from oppression, liberates others, than strikes a blow against the slave-loving Confederacy on behalf of northern Union Army! You would think…

Did you hear what Harry Reid said at another woman of Characters recognition ceremony?

‘And the Image Award goes to… Django.’

You’ve got to love the Left! 

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