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James T. Harris

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

When Political “Assault Rifles” Backfire!

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 What is wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing, and prior to the aggressive progressive opportunistic fear mongering in the wake of Sandy Hook, this picture would have raised no eyebrows and garnered little public attention.

However, in response to the exploitative political scheming of Mark Kelly, persons connected to Congresswoman Giffords released this photo in response to what they perceived to be her husband’s hypocrisy. They believe Giffords is not cogent enough to completely understand her scripts dictated by Kelly to further his own political aspirations. Neither do many in my audience.

The photo was taken at a gun range “facility” in Tucson. According my source, Giffords personally requested the photograph after shooting the AR-15.

Why is Giffords smiling? She’s smiling because she loves her big ole “assault riffle,” the AR-15. The same gun Kelly recently bought in Tucson? Yep.

In light of recent revelations about Kelly’s own gun purchases, and his incredibly weak explanation for them, more questions are being raised about Kelly’s sincerity. Good. More questions should also be raised concerning other victims that are being used to advance the liberal’s gun control agenda.

Holy Double Standard, Batman!

It is unlikely that the NRA, or any other gun rights group would use the smiling image of Gabby proudly holding an AR-15 to promote their position. The question among others should be this: Why is it okay to use images of Gabby struggling to voice a scripted message to promote Gun control… or Mark Kelly’s political future?

It’s not okay.

After this latest blunder by Kelly, it is unlikely that he has a political future. Not here in Arizona anyway. He raised too many eyebrows and garnered for himself too much public attention for lying. In other words, his elitist hypocrisy bit him in the assets.

Just saying….

And this story has taken another interesting twist.  Check out the new info we’ve just discovered today by reading this blog post. 

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